Hierarchy of the Order of the Temple
Poor Knights of The Chris and the Temple of Solomon


Brother Grand Master

directs the Order

Brother Seneschal

replaces the grand master when the latter is absent

Brother Marshal of the Convent of the Temple

supreme military authority subordinate to the military decisions of the master.

Brother Commander of the Earth and kingdom of Jerusalem and King of Arms

Grand Treasurer of the Order and the Head of the Province of the Holy Land

Brother Commander of the City of Jerusalem

hospital of the Order. It ensures the protection and defense of the Sisters, Brothers and pilgrims

Brother Commander of the Province

important figure of the Order he replaces the master, the seneschal and the marshal in their absence

Sister Drapier

manages the stock of clothes as well as everything that depends on bedding

Sister Turcoplier

she leads all the cavalry (excluding France) of the Order (international file)

Brother Prior

directs religious work

The Brothers and Sisters Under-Marshal

leads a continent

Brother Gonfanonier

directs all the squires of the Order

Brothers and Sisters Lieutenants General

runs a country

The Baillis Brothers and Sisters

runs the country under the authority of the LG

Brother and Sister Commanders of the Knights (regions)

runs a region

Brothers and Sisters Commanders of Houses (Master of the House)

runs a house (commandery, knights, squires, novices, brother-in-law and sisters-in-law)

Brothers and Sisters Knights

The Squire Brothers and Sisters

The Novice Brothers and Sisters

Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law