Abbot - Grand Master

welcome to the Order's website

We welcome you to the site.
You are certainly about to make contact with one of the oldest Templar Orders,
You must know that we are a spiritual and humanist Order, we are still governed by the same rules and statutes of origin with a small evolution or the ladies have become equal to men, they are today knights and with functions.
Without wanting to make a judgment, you will find on the web a very large number of so-called Templar groups, there is something for everyone, you will have to choose the one that most resembles you, without making a mistake.
To answer the most frequent question, we are not a Masonic obedience but the Templar Order.
We certainly share the same values, since you are always there reading us, so take the step to join us to be sure.
At the Order of the Poor Knights Templar Temple of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, we will raise you in the respect of our traditions and at your own pace because there is no point in running, the teaching that it is historical, etc ..., it will be done as we have always done.
Today's crusades are humanitarian for the most part in time, our virtues remain humility... and fraternity, which is in no way a subject of discussion but an everyday behavior.
" It is not the tabard who makes the Templar, but the person who makes it a Templar outfit."
Abbot Grand Master
Eques a sapienta Salomonis

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